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We create new opportunities!

ChainConnection was established in 2003. Our founder, Marielle Willems, introduced the motto “Connecting Businesses” with the belief that the gap between marketing and sales could be closed. Nowadays, this is still what we are aiming for. Chain Connection is an adaptive organisation that needs to keep investing and innovating in order to keep up with the changing world.

Curiosity, innovation and creativity defines our way of working and makes sure we keep up with that change. Our team exists of T-shaped people; this means that all of us have a broad sense of B2B marketingcommunication, but each of us have their own specialism.

By always focussing on creating the ultimate customer experience during every stage of the customer journey, both sales and marketing can create real value by putting the customer first. We teach marketing and sales how then can be more effective, when they work together. This will not only boost the teams but the whole organisation.

Do you want to know now in what way ChainConnection can help by optimize your communications in order to create more business, get more out of leads or increase the loyalty of your customers?

How we became world famous?

ChainConnection is specialised in B2B marketing communitation and helps organisations by optimising their communication throughout the 8 phases of the customer journey, from creating a need till retaining customers. We do this by the following services:

A creative concept helps define the very core of your marketing message. It underpins your campaign content, and encapsulates the major themes to be communicated to your target audience.


Account-Based Marketing is een term die gebruikt wordt voor ‘one-to-one’ marketing, maar dan gericht op bedrijven. ABM wordt vooral toegepast voor de benadering van specifieke large accounts.


By going back to the core of your business, and creating a strong foundation from there, you can achieve clarity about where you stand as an organisation, where you are going, and how you can create customer-centricity.


Personalise every experience to increase engagement, advocacy, and revenue using the complete data-driven marketing solution that marketers love and IT trusts.


We can help B2B companies increase their revenue, through more effective marketing, that drives better leads and also help them grow their client base more effectively with better client strategies